Ideas about a future running club

We are into the final few weeks of training before Nelofar and Zainab head out to China to compete in the 4Deserts Gobi March. The girls have gotten the green light from the Chinese Embassy on their visas and will be returning to Kabul shortly to formally apply (they have already made one trip). This week, we hear the beginnings of their plans to start a new running club for women in their area of Afghanistan… Exciting stuff! Stay tuned – you may be seeing a new Free to Run project pop up soon. Don’t forget to leave the girls a message of support and visit our dedicated fundraising page. Nelofar’s and Zainab’s gear and race entries have been generously provided by the 4Deserts and RacingThePlanet, but there are other significant costs related to the girls’ training and participation in the race (see our fundraising page for details. Thanks for your support!



This week my practicing was good. I ran on the treadmill, but I did not go to the hills because the security was so bad. Something bad will probably happen, so I just did my training on the treadmill. It was nice because there were some other girls who like running. They said that they also wanted to go in this race next year and that they like to run. During the training, I am listening to music and it is so nice. I found some new treadmills for my club and now about 20 girls say that they want to run and practice. I am very happy because of them and because of my work and I want to say thanks to Free to Run for supporting me in this race.


During the last two weeks I was in Germany for a 12-day camp on sport and peace program run by the UN Office on Sports for Development and Peace (UNOSDP).

I met a man who is working for UNOSDP and he is also training for a marathon. He encouraged me to continue on my path!

During this camp, I didn’t have enough time for training, but I was running during the night in the streets!

For the first time in my life I felt peace and I realized what the meaning of peace was!

I was running alone until midnight. The cars were on the street and they were just continuing their way.

One night when I was running in the streets my new friends joined me and we ran about 1 hour together. I had a very nice experience to run with friends from different countries. And the best part of that was the encouragement of my friends to run.

In my country nobody encourages me for running. It means that when I speak about this race with my friends in Afghanistan they react like it is not possible!

It is really good to have friends who believe in your goals!

I hope one day we have a very big running team of girls who believe in each other and we can run on the streets or even run in a safe place, Amen!