Running in the face of Taliban attacks

This past week in Afghanistan has been particularly turbulent. Deadly attacks were carried out in a number of different cities across the country, including where Nelofar and Zainab currently live. Five aid workers from Save the Children were also found dead in the south after being abducted and held for weeks. Nelofar’s post this week reminds us of the extreme challenges that people face in Afghanistan on a daily basis. However, Nelofar also talks about how running is helping her deal with the stresses and worries that come with living in such a difficult security environment. Please show your support and help get these women to the Gobi March next month by visiting this dedicated fundraising page… and don’t hesitate to offer your support by leaving a comment.


Nelofar: This week my practicing was good. I ran on a big hill and around the compound where I work. However, during the practice we faced problems. When we went to the hills we saw a hand bomb and we informed the police. Also, the other day a big attack happened in our city and lot of people were killed. Everybody is sad and afraid. The security is so bad. Every night we think that this attack will happen again and they say that this time they will attack a university. Because of that my mom will not let me to go to the university, but I have to go to and study. Everybody is saying to not go to the hills and other places because of bad security. I don’t know what I should do. I am just praying for my country that everything will become okay again and we will have a peaceful country. I like running…when I am practicing I feel free and become relaxed. Running helps me a lot to not think about the bad things. We will start practicing on the treadmill again finally this week.

The safety of Nelofar and Zainab always comes first. Alternative solutions to their weekend training outdoors are being sought in the aftermath of recent attacks. Both women have been provided refresher educational materials on how to deal with explosive remnants of war if they happen to come across them in training.