Running in the wake of Farkhunda

Last week in Kabul, an Afghan woman, Farkhunda, was beaten to death after being falsely accused of burning the Koran. This tragic event has triggered protests and public outcry across the country – and beyond. In the blog posts by Nelofar and Zainab this week, we can hear of how this news has affected them.

24 March 2015

Nelofar: Last week was not as good as the other weeks because we were not able to practice a lot. It was during the new year and people came from lots of provinces of Afghanistan to our city for celebrating the new year. People had guests and the streets were closed. I heard bad news about an Afghan girl, Farkhunda, that was killed in Kabul by the people. All the girls of Afghanistan that heard about her were sad, not just me. I think lots of girls think that one day these things can happen to them. I also think it can happen to me but I am not afraid. Since I was born I am hearing about these types of things and I grew up with this bad security. Not just Farkhunda, lots of people die here because of this bad security – this is Afghanistan! We can’t say anything about the security. We can just pray for Allah to make everything good. Last week we run some days of the week in the gym and I practiced with football and running with my brothers in the house. And this week we will practice a lot.

Zainab: During last week we practiced in the gym every day for one and a half hours. On the weekend we were off from training because of New Year’s celebrations. In our city it is usual 1 or 2 days before New Year that all the streets are closed because of security. Most of the people come to our city from other provinces to celebrate New Year. So I practiced at our small yard during holidays. At the beginning of New Year I heard a very shocking news about Farkhunda who was beaten to death and burned in Kabul. It is a huge tragedy in the history of Afghanistan. I feel unsafe, I feel I am Farkhunda, I am scared of men in our country – our country is going which way?