Stephanie Case joins the team in Afghanistan

Over the past week, Free to Run founder Stephanie Case had the opportunity to meet and train with Nelofar and Zainab in person in Afghanistan for the first time. Accompanying Stephanie was Kubra, an Afghan camerawoman, to get some footage in the hopes of producing a future documentary on the experience of this inspiring team.

29 March 2015

Nelofar: This week was very good – better than last week. We practiced a lot and we had lots of fun during the week. We did some filming and ran more than last week. Our training schedule has changed. On Friday we ran around 4.5 hours, which was very interesting. Now I am practicing alone because Zainab is not with me. She is Kabul – I miss her a lot and hope that she comes back soon.

One bad thing that happened is that we can’t practice in the gym anymore because some men want to practice at the same time so now we want to continue our training plan in Skateistan. I am also running around the building and can run a lot, but inside the compound I don’t know how far I am running. My phone does not show me the distance in kilometers. The treadmill was very nice for practicing. I know the treadmill is a little boring, but it is very good for training and being strong. I think treadmill is very important for us, so I am looking to find other treadmill to use.

It was very amazing that last week Team Asma’i was with each other. We had a lot of fun. I can’t say how happy I was with my team, practicing and filming. We went to the mountains and another place. The two days Stephanie was with us were the best days as she helped us a lot for the training. We learned new things from her and changed our schedule. She told us we have to do more training. When she was here we ran 6 km without stopping for the first time very fast. We had a very nice and lovely and friendly time with her and we miss her a lot.

*Thanks to RacingThePlanet for providing all of the gear for Team Asma’i and to Ray Zahab of impossible2possible for providing their training plans.