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The first ever Afghan Ultramarathon team complete the Gobi March 2015.

Naina* is a refugee from South Asia, living in Hong Kong. She isn't allowed to work or even volunteer... but she can run. Through running, she finds her strength and is able to look ahead to the future. This is her story.

Free to Run's participants in Bamyan complete a 10km and marathon race, defying increased attacks by the Taliban. The event took place in Bamiyan Province, a largely peaceful area known for the giant Buddha statues destroyed by the Taliban in 2001.

Hong Kong does not give refugees a permanent home - people fleeing wars and persecution can spend years in the city, hoping to find sanctuary in a third country. As a result a growing number are turning to sport to help cope with the mental toil of a life in limbo.

On Saturday, April 9, Iran hosted the International Pars Marathon - but women were banned from taking part. One brave woman, Mahsa Torabi, a Free to Run Ambassador, decided to run anyway, sending a clear message to Iranian officials, and building a significant fan base along the way.

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